Article from the Perspectives course

Good Afternoon!

Today I was reading a chapter for the Perspectives course that I am taking, and the Chapter was called “Apostolic Passion” by Floyd McClung. It’s a very powerful read and I would really encourage you, not only those interested in overseas missions, but any one, to read it. I found the chapter (Don’t worry it’s not that long) in an article online and I hope you can take 10 minutes out of your day to read!

Here is the link to the Article (no funny business, I promise!) :

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I hope it was as powerful for you as for me. God is good.

God bless!


A Little Bit of October (And more)

Hello and good evening to you!

It has been quite some time since the last blog post, and I apologize for that! Ben and I (This is Rachel) have been going though a lot of changes in these past couple of months, even through this past year!

A little snippet for you:

In June we Joined a missions agency called World Indigenous Missions, which we are extremely excited about! And the following month, in July, we packed up all our belongings (the ones that we needed), our munchkin cat and (Obviously) ourselves, in our little Honda CRV and headed from Austin, Texas (Ya’ll) all the way to Cleveland, Ohio (Yay…LeBron is back…) in about 22 hours (Don’t worry, we made stops on the way).

We came to back to our Ohio hometown to start raising support for the missions field. By “Raising Support” I mean asking and seeing if the people we know here are interested in supporingt us financially on a monthly basis, and not only financially but in prayer and however else they are able to. Ben and I need to complete training before we go on the mission field, and most of the training will be hands-on, overseas training, but before that we must complete some pre-field training materials. This includes completing the PERSPECTIVES course and reading quite a few missionary/informational books. That is most of what Ben and I have been up to since we have been here in Ohio.

Also this past September marked our 1 Year anniversary of marriage!! Can’t believe it’s been a year (well, more than a year) already! We are so blessed!!

Well, so much for a “Snippet”, but thank you for reading!

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I wanted, also, to share some pictures with you from this past October. The Fall colors were (And some of them still are) so beautiful! Most of these are taken on an Iphone camera so they aren’t the BEST of quality, but I still hope you will enjoy them!



IMG_6869 IMG_6870 IMG_6877 IMG_6878 IMG_6884 IMG_6896 IMG_6918 IMG_6921 IMG_6922 IMG_6926 IMG_6927 IMG_6929 IMG_6931

(The adorable (and energetic) girl in the pictures is my little cousin-in-law, Lilly)

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Thank you SO MUCH for taking time to read this (If you seriously took time to read through all of that you are AWESOME and seriously deserve ice cream or something, YOU ROCK), and looking through my photos, I really appreciate it!

Have a wonderful night and God bless!

– Rachel