The Basis of Ministry

Effective ministry is a byproduct of the time spent with God.

The longer we work and live within God’s calling of full-time ministry, the more we are fully aware of our inadequacies. It is quite easy for us to constantly find ourselves busy and consumed with the day to day duties and responsibilities of ministry. The tendency when things get busy is to trim time away from God, when the exact opposite should be true. The busier the season of ministry, the more time needs to be spent in God’s presence.

So why say all this? Great question!

We have really felt challenged as of late to be in more purposeful prayer for our ministry and those involved in it, and we want to invite you to be a part of it! We are looking for 3-5 individuals that we can send detailed prayer requests to each week. Our desire is to see our ministry grow through the time spent in prayer each week. In addition, we hope to foster a deeper relationship with our prayer partners that allows us to share the many highs and lows of our life.

If this sounds like something you may want to be a part of, we couldn’t be happier! The next steps are super simple! All you have to do is go up to the top of the page and click on the tab that says prayer partners. Fill out that form for us and you will be all set!

Thank you to everyone who has continued to follow our journey on this blog over the years! It has truly been a journey of faith and complete reliance on God. If there is anything we can be praying for in your life, feel free to leave a comment below or let us know in a personal message at


Benjamin and Rachel Craig

Reaching Youth Through Testimony

We are always trying to find ways to reach out to youth. One way that we have found to be effective is through testimony videos, especially those of people they know and respect. Throughout the week we constantly talked about how important it was to have a growing and active faith, and two of our counselors were kind enough to sit down and make a video with us to encourage the students!

We would like to share both of these videos with you! Both of them have been a huge help to us this summer and we couldn’t be prouder of how much they have helped us in reaching out to the youth! Both videos are only a few minutes long, and we hope you enjoy!

In Christ,

Benjamin and Rachel Craig

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(p.s. Check out our new Prayer Partner page and see if it is something you’d be interested in!)