A Trip Through Judges

The entire theme for our youth camp was “God is Incredible”. Our teaching for the week looked at the book of Judges and how they were used by God to rescue Israel from their captivity time and time again. We spent time focusing on how the judges had flaws that may have made them unusable by the world’s standards, and how God used them in spite of their flaws so that he would receive the glory and praise for Israel’s deliverance.

Pastor Rocky Taylor speaking in the evening.

One of the hardest things for today’s youth (and adults!), especially in the western culture, is consistently spending time with God through reading the Bible and prayer. While we could dive into all the reasons why, we spent much of the week encouraging the youth to make time daily to spend time with God, and to examine their lives to see if there was anything in it hindering them from spending time growing. We encouraged them to not fall away after this trip into old habits and routines, but to find someone willing to disciple them and guide them as they grow. We were greatly encouraged by their willingness and desire to grow!

Morning chapel worship

I (Ben) had an opportunity to speak each morning over the course of the week. While I enjoyed the opportunity to share, I found it to be quite a challenging experience overall to speak that many times over the course of the week. God increasingly stretched and grew me, allowing me to leap outside my comfort zone and gain new insight and experience. While working with youth is something I enjoy, I also feel most comfortable behind the scenes working with the various details of ministry. God knew that I needed to be stretched to continually rest in him for my strength.

Ben speaking during morning chapel.

Whew! Thank you for making it all the way through to the end! Please continue to keep us in prayer!


Benjamin and Rachel Craig

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