Summer Fun! 2018 Youth Retreat

What a blur the last month has been! We have been quite busy, but it has been a time of enjoyable and fruitful ministry! We’ve been so blessed!

As you may have gathered from our last few posts, this past July was our annual summer trip that we take with the youth at Abundant Life Community Church (ALCC). We took them up to a camp about an hour away from the Cleveland area called Beulah Beach and we had a blast!

Group Photo from our summer retreat.

It was a lot of work though! We did all of our own music, teaching, games, and activities which proved to be quite a lot of work! As always in ministry though, as you begin to see the lives of youth changing because of what you are doing, it then reminds you of why you go through all of the planning and extra work to do what you do. It all comes down to serving Christ and allowing the youth an avenue to grow closer to him.

There is so much from that week that we would like to share, but we don’t want to overwhelm with one really long post about everything! So to start, enjoy this video slideshow that we put together for our church congregation. It briefly highlights a little bit of everything that we did.

Stay tuned throughout the week for several more posts! We appreciate the many prayers that we received for this trip in particular and for the ministry that we are doing. God has been working in this transition and we feel not only a sense of peace, but see fruit being produced in the lives of the youth that we come in contact with on a weekly basis.

Many Blessings,

Benjamin and Rachel Craig

6 thoughts on “Summer Fun! 2018 Youth Retreat

  1. I have been a subscriber to your blog for about a year or so and am very much blessed by reading about your youth ministry. I have been wanting to email you with a question … do you have an email address that you could share?


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