Next Steps

Hi everybody!

A little update blog for you all! Both of us made it safely back to the states, after about 36 hours of travel, flying from Kenya to Cleveland and then the next morning flying to Texas. We had a few bumps on the way, like our luggage not making it to Cleveland and getting stuck in Chicago for a few hours…thankfully we got it later that evening! But other than the few bumps on the way we made it! Praise God!

Right now we are both in Texas to debrief with our missions agency (WIM). We’ll be talking about our trip and also figuring out what the next step is! We start that tomorrow, but this weekend we were able to rest and try to sleep off our jet lag! And I think we are starting to not be so tired all the time! Hurray!

Today we were able to visit our church in Austin and see some people from there we haven’t in a while! It was really nice to see them and visit with them! Extremely grateful to have connections in Texas!

We still can’t believe we’re already back in the states from Kenya! It’s crazy! It went by so fast! Before we left there was a leadership seminar we mentioned in an earlier blog, which was an awesome experience, there was about 70 leaders that came throughout the 4 days it was held! Praying that God really spoke to them and that they heard the truth!

Here are a few pictures from our last days in Kenya!


Ben speaking at the Leadership Seminar


Tim speaking at the evening crusade


Sights along the road


Freddy doodling in Rachel’s notebook 🙂


Grain harvested to make brown ugali


A group of widows from a visiting church leading a song during the seminar worship time


The United Hope kids preforming some songs for our enjoyment!


This little girl is Sis, she’s around 6 years old, though she looks smaller. Ben loved this girl, he would have taken her home with us in a heart beat!


Saying good bye to these amazing kids! This was not a fun or easy thing to do! We hope we will be able to see them again. Already miss them.

Thanks for viewing and reading! No sure if we left anything out, we’re both still a bit jet lagged so I hope we didn’t leave anything out!

Blessings to all of you, thank you for keeping up with all of our Kenya blogs and praying for us! We are so thankful and blessed by you!

God bless!


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