Dipping Our Toes in (Kenya Blog #11)

Hi all!
I hope that everyone has had a great week. This blog will probably be the last blog we write while in Kenya (Unless we have time to write one more). In exactly a week from yesterday we will be leaving back to the States. This trip has been such a wonderful and learning experience for us. We have gained so much perspective about this culture and also a perspective for ourselves in our life. We know that this trip was just us getting our feet wet, and that we haven’t even begun to completely and fully understand the life of a full time missionary, but we have definitely started to understand more and more and also to recognize that this is what God wants us to be doing. It’s not a glamourous job and it’s not easy but this is what we are supposed to be doing, and we have been able to see that more and more during this trip. This trip was us dipping our toes in the water and recognizing that we’re supposed to take the plunge.We are so thankful for all that we have learned here, and we can’t believe that this trip has to come to an end!
This past week our friends and mentors from WIM, Jim and Ruth, were able to visit all of us here. We know that their visit was a huge encouragement and blessing to Tim and Jenni, and we are so thankful for that. We were also extremely blessed by their visit as well, and wished their visit didn’t have to be so short.
Tomorrow starts a busy weekend. From Thursday to Sunday there will be a seminar for Church leaders, that will be held at United Hope (the orphanage). Ben, Willis, Geophrey and Tim will be speaking during the seminar, if you could be praying for them and the leaders attending, that they would come with open hearts and that they are able to learn God’s truth, that would be much appreciated!
After those four days, we will have Monday to rest and pack up the last of our things, and then Tuesday we leave! Prayers for our travels would be greatly appreciated as well.
Thanks for reading so far, now for some pictures of our past week, lots of which are from our day trip we did with the kids on Saturday! It was a blast!

Teacup ride at the arcade!


Duck ride was actually really slow but she pretended to have fun anyway.


Hello, Sharon!


All the food for the kids


Lunch time!


At the pool!


By the end of the day…Zzzzzzz


During our night spent at the orphanage..Mom and Sis being their silly selves!


Rachel teaching on Sunday at church.


Origami craft time after church!


Jim found a baby bird!


Sorting through green grams for our Kenyan dinner!


Jim and Ruth by the Naumatt Elephant


Masai Market where we bought way too many beautiful trinkets.


Lake Victoria, Hippo Point


Rachel putting her feet in Lake Victoria

Thanks for viewing the pictures! It’s been a full but fun past week! 
We hope that you have enjoyed our blog posts from Kenya, and that you could get a little taste of our trip. We are excited to see what God will do as we continue on to the next steps after this trip. And we are also excited to share about our future plans once we talk more about them with our missions agency and see what the next best steps will be! We have been so blessed to be able to be here and to have the opportunity to see the ministry work Tim and Jenni are doing. We are so thankful we have been able to be with them and that they allowed us to be a part of their lives for these past three months.
We are also so thankful to those of you who have been praying for us and supporting us back home, and keeping up with our blogs and emails and just enquiring on how we are. It has been a huge blessing to us and has meant so much! Also to those of you who have donated towards the kids day out, and also just to the ministry of United Hope in general, THANK YOU!
Can’t wait to share with you all back in Ohio that has happened on a more personal level and to see you! We will miss being here so much, and we are so sad to be leaving, but we are also excited for the next step in our lives. 
Thanks for reading!
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God bless you! Thank you again for keeping up with our Kenya blogs and hopefully more to come! We hope you were blessed!
From Kenya,

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