Two More Weeks Left (Kenya Blog #10)

Hey friends!
Blessings to you and hope that your weeks have been good!
We cannot believe that we only have about two weeks left here. Our time has flown. The days can sometimes go slowly but the weeks go by so fast. This Thursday our friends and mentors Jim and Ruth from WIM will be coming to Kisumu to be with us for a few days and visit, we are very excited for them to be coming! 
This coming Saturday will be the day we take the kids out for a day trip, and we are very excited! Thank you to all of you who donated towards this!! We are SO grateful to you! Thank you for helping us make this happen! And don’t worry, there will be lots of pictures so you can see what we get to do!
This past week we had the opportunity to visit a ministry called New Life. They are a children’s ministry that takes in neglected babies and kids with special needs and tries to help them get adopted. We got to see what they do and also help some of the staff feed the babies during lunch, which is a big need they have. It was really neat to visit another ministry and the work they are doing is great as well as the kids! It is a blessing to be able to get a taste of other ministry work and see glimpses what God is doing Here. There are so many needs in this country and we haven’t even scratched the surface of them, but we are blessed with the opportunities we have been given to be here, have this experience and see some of the work His people are doing!
Here are some pictures of this past week!


Laundry Kenyan Style!


Rice fields


The rest of the kids getting shoes who hadn’t yet


In line to get their teeth checked to see if they brushed!


They had to brush their teeth outside where all of us could see them!


Mom and Sis (what everyone calls them) . They are always together and always trying to grab your hand!


Rhoda wasn’t looking but Purity and Elsa smiled!


Thank you for viewing! Hope you enjoyed!
Quick prayer request: If you could be praying for our last weeks here and our preparations for going back to the States. Also, we will practically be going right to Texas when we come back (we fly into Cleveland for a night then to TX the next morning) to go through debriefing from our trip and figure out the next step. Prayers for wisdom and guidance for us and the WIM staff would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you for reading! 
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Hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by and reading! God bless!
PS: The power was out all day Sunday so we decided to make a song cover when we got back from church! Check out the last post to view it on YouTube!

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