Gratitude, Prayer Requests and More Gratitude (Kenya Blog #9)

Hello friends! Hoping all of you had a blessed Independence Day weekend!
Though we were not in the U.S. To celebrate it, we were still able to make some burgers and play/learn Rook with Tim and Jenni on the 4th! Thankful to be able celebrate it with fellow Americans!

Before we give you an update about the past week, we’d just like to take the time really quick to ask for specific prayer. Tim and Jenni’s car is having problems again, on Sunday the car wouldn’t start and soon after the battery died, Geophrey, Ben, Tim and a few other young men recruited to help pushed the car back to the apartment. We know it is very frustrating for them because the issue seems to pop up again and again. There also seem to be some gradual changes in the ministry work and so there has been a lot going on for them, as well as us being here. So if you could pray for them and all of the issues that are happening, that would be greatly appreciated.

You have to be ready for anything in the mission field and sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating, as we have seen, but you just have to keep trusting God has a reason and a plan for whatever craziness may happen! 
This past week we were able to visit and shadow a ministry called Agape Children’s Home. In a nutshell, the main part if the ministry is taking boys who are living on the street (because they ran away from home or school or various reasons) taking them to Agape home, and rehabilitating them to have them back in a home of a relative (sometimes it’s an Aunt and Uncle, Grandparent, etc. depending on if the parental situation is bad). They also have a newer part of the ministry for girls as well now.

It is very sad because pretty much all of these kids have faced some kind of abuse in their life time…even the very, very young ones. But the way Agape is organized is a very safe environment for them and teaches them a biblical foundation and also education. We were very blessed to see what a day at Agape looks like and see all the awesome things they are doing to help kids in rough situations.



Here are a few pictures from this past week! 


The kids at Agape doing a group activity in the Shamba (garden).



Volleyball time!


On Saturday the kids got new shoes, here they are patiently waiting to be sized!


The stylin’ new shoes


More volleyball!


The beautiful 4th of July sunset!


Working on the car..trying to jump it from Willis’s car..not much luck.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for viewing! 
We want everyone to know how thankful we are and blessed by all of you who have donated towards the kids day out! We are excited to say that we have already reached $375 of the $400 we want to raise! Thank you so much! The deadline we want to make for these donations is a week before the day we take the kids. So this Saturday, the 11th, is the deadline.

We also want to add that any donations given toward the kids day out that are extra, we will use toward other needs in the orphanage. But we will contact you if your donation happens to be extra and ask you personally what you would like to do. Thank you SO MUCH for giving towards this! This will be a blessing for us to be able to do for the kids and we couldn’t have done this without you!
Before we end we wanted to say that in a little over a week, a couple from W.I.M. who are our mentors and who have been helping us through our training process will be coming to Kenya! Their names are Jim and Ruth and they have been a part of W.I.M. for many years and were missionaries in Mexico. They will be here for about a week and will be coming to visit us and Tim and Jenni to visit as see how the trip has gone so far. They also will be visiting another ministry in Kenya while they are here. We are very excited for them to be coming! If you could be praying for their time here with us that would be much appreciated! 
Thank you so much for reading our blog post today. Can’t believe we have less than four weeks until we go back to the States. We will miss our time here! 
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You have any questions, comments, concerns? Or are you wondering about something we haven’t shared about? Comment on the post, let us know!
We want to hear from you and how you are! Send us an email: 
Thank you, again for reading, and again for all of you who have given towards the kids day out! God bless you! Until next time!

One thought on “Gratitude, Prayer Requests and More Gratitude (Kenya Blog #9)

  1. Hi Ben & Rachel,

    We just made another donation for $25.00 for the orphanage day trip. In order to get the funds there by the 11th, I tried to make the donation on WIM’s website, but there was a problem with their site, I kept loosing it. I was able to sent the funds through our bank using our online banking system, but the funds will not be received at WIM until July 15th. I hope it will it will get there in time to use for the kids day trip. If the money is not used for the day trip, please feel free to use it anywhere you feel it is most needed.

    Both of you remain in our prayers.

    Allen & Betty Murner



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