Weekend Experiences (Kenya Blog #8)

I hope you all are doing well!
In exactly a month from today we will be headed on our way back to Cleveland. So crazy to think about!
This past weekend has been a really neat experience. On Friday we got to go to one of the largest open air markets not only in Kenya but also in Africa. And on Saturday both of us got to speak at a seminar along with Tim. 
The seminar was probably about two or more hours away and it was pretty much right next to Lake Victoria. Isaac, who is attends the Monday leadership training group (that is held at his house), knew people there and wanted us to speak. 
We started the day pretty late and when we finally arrived there (which was an hour late), there was no one there, so we were worried we had wasted a whole drive there. Though we started late, there were quite a large amount of people who showed up, and though everything wasn’t exactly as planned, everything still went really well and God blessed our time.
Tim spoke twice during the seminar about struggles in ministry, and both of us spoke to the men and the women separately (Ben to the men and Rachel to the women) about biblical marriage and what the bible says about the husbands and wives role. It went really well from what we thought and it was a really cool thing to get to experience! We are really thankful we got to go!
Here are a few pictures from the market and the seminar (and the drive to the seminar), and also a few pictures of hanging out with the kids at the orphanage on Sunday!


Kibuye Market


Shoes made from tires


Fried Maize


Stopping for fruit on the way to the seminar


Fresh Banana


Fresh Mango


Scenery on the way to the seminar


View from where the seminar was held


Break in between sessions


Closer view


It’s hard to tell because the sun was setting, but these tall hills had HUGE stones on them, would love to climb them and try to find caves.


Bubble time!!


A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

Thanks for viewing! 

The rest of the week will entail some of the ministry work that is on a week to week basis, but as well as that, both of us will get to go to visit an organization called Agape, which rehabilitates kids without a home or who don’t have a good living situation, and the end goal is to have them living with a relative..we will find out more once we are there! Tim and Jenni know a few people who work for Agape, so we will get to shadow them and see what a regular work day is like! 
Thanks for reading this weeks blog!

We want to again mention about the day trip we are hoping to do with the kids from the orphanage. The last blog post has a lot of information about what we are hoping to do. If you are interested in giving towards it and feel that it is something God wants you to do, go to worldim.com and click on the give tab. You can there locate our missionary number which is 278, and leave a comment either with your donation, or, send us a separate email/message letting us know you want your donation to be used for the kids. 
Before you go….
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Thanks again for reading and God bless!!

P.S. The car is BACK from the mechanic. Praise God! Still has some problems but thankful it is able to be used for now!
Have an awesome rest of the week!

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