No Pain, No Gain? (Kenya Blog #7)

Hi all!
We know it’s been longer than a week since our last blog..sorry! 

We cannot believe it’s already almost the end of the June, pretty soon we will only have a couple more weeks left of this trip! What?!? So crazy! We can both say that the time has FLOWN by. Definitely not been wasted, but it has gone so fast! 
Thinking about that makes us not want to leave yet! We have gotten in a routine here and still feel like there’s so much more time we have left in Kenya, when in reality, there really isn’t! Wow. So crazy to think about. 

These past two Sundays, both of us have had the opportunity to teach a Bible lesson at the kid’s church. We both really enjoyed the experience and will probably have the opportunity to both do it again before we leave. As well as that, we have had a couple problems the past week or so with our modes of transportation.

Tim and Jenni’s Land Rover had a problem about two weeks ago with it’s gear box…and it’s been at the mechanic ever since. We are really hoping that we will get it today according to the mechanic (he has said that before and then run into another problem), but we will see.

Because of this we have been using the motor bike to go almost everywhere, and some places the dirt roads are really bad so it can make it quite difficult.

This past Sunday, Tim’s tire popped on the way to church, luckily we were close so Willis and Geophrey were able to help us, and it got fixed so we could use it to get back home, so praise God for that!

As well as some of those troubles, we have had some health issues. Right now Ben is getting over a cold, it is much better now than it was but is still healing.

Prayers would be so appreciated for these things, for the car and motor bike and our health. Both of us have seem to have a health issue every two or three weeks sometimes! So that has been frustrating, but that is what comes with adjusting to a new culture, and three months probably isn’t enough to fully adjust. 
So that is what has been happening lately, I know not all of it sounds wonderful, but ministry work isn’t always wonderful and glamorous! Guess the phrase “No pain, no gain” can apply to ministry too, huh?

Despite the troubles, we are extremely thankful to be here and to be experiencing and learning about life in overseas ministry! We are learning so much and we are so grateful!
Here are some pictures from the past week(ish):


Fun and relaxing day at the pool!


Before picture of Ben’s hair cut! Before the barber went to cut it, he saw how long it was and said: “I’m scared!”


After picture! As you can see the guy did a great job!


Ben speaking at Church!


What we have been doing all week; riding on Geophrey and Tim’s pike pike’s! Yesterday both of us rode on the back of Geophrey’s bike!


Beautiful Kibgori (where we are for Friday training)


Getting the tire fixed


Some of you were wondering if there are cows near where we are living..this is right outisde our apartment!


And lastly, a picture with this cute fella! Watching him while his parents were gone went really well!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for reading and viewing this far.
Something you could be praying for that we will be doing this week is:
On Saturday, both of us (Ben and Rachel) along with Tim, Willis and Geophrey, will be participating in a seminar that we will be speaking at. Isaac, who is a part of the training we do on Monday’s in Kisian, is the one who came up with the idea and knows the people and place where this will be taking place! We are excited and a bit anxious about this, and we are trusting that God will speak and provide for us as we go on Saturday!
Before we end, we wanted to share about something that we need YOUR help with!

In this next month of July, We are hoping to be able to fund a day trip with the kids from the orphanage. We really want to be able to choose from a variety of activities depending on the weather. This could be going to the pool, the park, going to a museum, or playing some games for a while at the arcade!

This would be a huge treat for the kids because it is something they only get to do once or twice a year at the most.

The total cost for a day trip would be approximately $400 USD, which provides for transportation, lunch, snacks, and activities that we end up doing with the kids. 

If this is something that you’d be interested in helping us with, and after prayer feel God leading you to give, please simply go to and click on the give tab. 

Then, you can locate our missionary number which is 278, and leave a comment either with your donation, or, send us a separate email/message letting us know you want your donation to be used for the kids. 

We’d love to do this for these awesome kids and we would love and appreciate so much if you could help!
This was a long post today! Thank you so much for reading! We hope you enjoy hearing about what we are doing, we LOVE sharing with you and also hearing from you and what you are doing as well! 
If you are newer to our blog, interested in what we are doing, and would like to keep updated with us, please subscribe to our blog! 
If there is anything you want to hear about in particular or have any question about, comment on our post! 
Or, if you want to contact us more directly, send us an email, we really would like to hear from you and how YOU are! Our email:
We are blessed to have so many of you praying for us and encouraging us as we are here in Kenya, and we hope that you are blessed when you read our posts as we are so blessed to have encouragement, prayers and support from you.
Thank you for reading! 

God bless,



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