Widows Ministry (Kenya Blog #4)

Hey all! Happy June!
This week we got a lot to share and lots of pictures that we are doing two posts this week! 

We had the opportunity to be able to reach out to a few widows who Geoffrey and Willis know that live near the orphanage. Bruce, Renee and Jessie (Jenni’s family) bought some goods for them from the store like flour, rice, milk and other things and we were able to go to their houses and give it to them. 

We were so blessed to be able to help them and also share a word with them from the Bible and pray over them. It was such a great experience and opportunity. 

As well as experiencing being with the widows we also experienced the trek to get to each of their houses! Lots of muddy walking and going barefoot because our shoes got so slippery, but it was so worth it and an adventure! God is good!

Below are some pictures of our adventure and visiting the widows!



On the road with our buddy Geoffrey


Starting our trek to the first house!


Though this is a blurry picture, it captures the joy on her face and how happy she was, especially when we gave her the muffins!


Group Photo at the second house we went to.


It was a gorgeous day!


Such pretty scenery as we were walking


Jessie presenting the food.


Group picture at the second widows house


Rachel presenting the food

Last group picture at the last widows house.


Thanks so much for reading! We are so thankful to be able to share our experiences with you. We are learning so much here and we are so grateful!

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Thanks for reading and God bless you! Have a wonderful start to the new month!

Ben & Rachel 

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