Another Week Here (Kenya Blog #3)

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone had a great memorial weekend and good start to the week!

It’s crazy that it’s almost the end of May already! We have been here for almost three weeks and we have learned so much already. We are so thankful to be here and excited to learn more!
This week has thrown us in for some surprises. Jenni’s Dad, Step-mom and sister showed up at their door on Saturday morning! Tim and Jenni had no idea they were coming! Definitely nice for them to spend some family time!

The family is here for a week and will get to experience a lot of the things Tim and Jenni are involved in, especially being with the kids at the orphanage. Jenni’s dad and sister have been in Kenya once before so a lot of the kids know them.

As well as surprising them they brought suitcases full of stuff for the kids! They brought new sheets for them and some goody-bags full of silly string and sweets and some hygiene products. The kids loved it!


A few pictures of this past week and into this week:

Tim & Geoffrey buying some sugar cane 

The kids playing with silly string

  In line for sugar cane

During Monday’s leadership training we saw some of Issac’s puppies! So cute!

This man (Andrew, in the black)  was 72 years old and was climbing a tree to get down some fruit! He said he used to climb to fix wires..he went very far out too!


Enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for reading! Just another week here in Kenya!

Before you go…..

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God bless!

-Ben & Rachel

One thought on “Another Week Here (Kenya Blog #3)

  1. I have to tell you I’m learning so much about Africa thanks to you two. After I saw your post about sugar cane, I watched videos on how to eat it! I even watched how sugar is made from the sugar cane. Praying for you daily and miss you so much. Love that you are doing God’s work and following His will for your lives. May He continue to bless you as you continue to serve Him.


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