Great things (Kenya blog #2)

“Expect great things.” (Some thoughts from Rachel)
This was something God seemed to be saying to me while doing my devo one of the mornings before we left for Kenya. It wasn’t just “Go and hope that I will do great things while you’re there”, it was to EXPECT them. I had been praying about the trip and asking Him that He would “Do great things”. While I was doing so, it seemed that He challenged me on this. It was like He was saying “Okay, you’re asking me to do great things but you’re asking like there’s a chance that it might not even happen! Don’t you have faith in me? Aren’t you confident in my power? I AM GOD.” This really challenged me and my perspectvie of what I was asking, I was so thankful to Him for showing me this.
Now, flash forward to a couple of days ago when this came to my attention again. It was during one of the Friday leadership training classes at the little tin-roof church. Tim and Geoffrey (Spelled it wrong the first post) were teaching and asking some questions about some verses they had read in the Bible (can’t even remember what about), and it ended up turning into a discussion about the church as a body and church leaders. They are starting up a new church and there has been some problems with some of the churches that the people at the training classes have been involved in, so it was really important. Long story short, even though it wasn’t planned to be discussed about, God really moved and His presence was there! You could tell it really got through to everyone in that little church, even the people who came in late! As I was sitting there listening, the phrase “expect great things” came into my memory, as if God was saying “See? Great things, right in front of you,”.
Even if it is something small….or something utterly miraculous, He is God! We should be confident in HIM that He will do great things if we are following Him and His way!

This wasn’t something I planned on sharing, or even something that was very easy to explain (I’m better at explaining things by writing them out, normally), but I felt I should and it just sort of happened. GOD IS GREAT!


Speaking of great things, we had the chance to be with the kids at the orphanage a lot this past week. It was so fun getting to know them more and spending time with them. Though its tricky, we are learning their names (there are a lot of them!) and getting better at remembering who’s who!

Here are some pictures of some of the things we got to do and experience this past week:

The kids got new mattresses and mosquito nets on Wednesday. Here they are taking the old mattresses to pile them up.


They loved playing with the packaging from the new mattresses! Eventually we had to tell them that it was dangerous to hide under the plastic, but it was fun while it lasted! They are so easily entertained!



As well as new mattresses, the girls got new shirts\dresses. One of Jenni’s friends made them for the girls out of pillow cases!


They LOVE being on pictures! Rachel got in there too!



This is Freddie holding Ben’s hand. Freddie has a few fingers missing on his right hand, but that doesn’t stop him!


On Saturday we played soccer…no, no..Football!


The kids got some flowers during the football game..of course they had to throw them in the air!



Got to go to our first church service on Sunday at the orphanage! Lots of songs and praises!


This picture was from today. We went to one of the Monday Leadership training groups which was at a man named Isacc’s house. Issac has a guitar he made himself and enjoys writing songs. Ben got to have a look at it!



Well, that’s a lot of what our week looked like, lots of fun! Praise God!
Thanks so much for visiting our blog and reading this post! If there is anything that you want to see us post that you are curious about or want to know about the culture… Anything it might be, let us know and leave a comment!
Also, we want to hear from YOU and know how you are! Prayer requests, praise reports, whatever it is, you can send us an email! Our email:
We enjoy hearing from people, especially while we are in Kenya!
Thanks for reading!
God bless!

-Ben & Rachel

4 thoughts on “Great things (Kenya blog #2)

  1. I love the photos of the girls throwing the flowers! Such beautiful joy in their faces!
    I’d personally love a post touring your apartment. I know it seems silly, but I think it’d be neat to see what your living quarters look like.


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