Greetings from Kenya!

Hello from Kenya!
It has been 6 days since we have arrived in Kisumu, and 8 days since we left the states! We have been up to quite a bit since, but everything is still sinking in.
So far we have been able to experience some of the things that Tim and Jenni (the couple we are training with) are involved in. We got to go to a leadership training class that Tim leads at a church (which is a tin hut and is the size of a smaller room. It is pictured below the paragraph) . As well as that we experienced what getting the land rover stuck in the mud was like (It’s the rainy season, if you are on a dirt road, the entire sides of it are normally like moats). Don’t worry, we got out of it quickly with some help.


Something else we got to experience was the orhpanage they are involved in! It is called United Hope, and we got to meet Willis, who is the one who started it! As well as meeting him we also met Jeffrey, who helps with the orphanage. Both Willis and Jeffery are men of God and as well as work in the orphanage, they are a part of the leadership training.
The kids at the orphanage were a little timid at first but after a little while they were hugging and holding our hands and wanting us to put our arms around them. At one point I (Rachel) was trying to hold five of the girls hands in one of mine! Before we were about to leave, the kids, and Jeffrey (who does a lot of music with the kids), sang a farewell song to us. It was so precious to hear their sweet little voices singing!
We were supposed to go back to the orphanage on Saturday with Tim and Jenni but because both of us were not feeling well we didn’t get to go. We both have been having some travelers diarrhea, but thankfully we have been doing much better!

We are SO exited to be here! And we cannot wait to see what we will learn about this culture and what God will teach us! We have learned a little bit of Swahili from Tim since we have arrived, so here is your Swahili lesson for the week.
Welcome. | Karibu.
What is your name? | Jina lako ni nani?
My name is ____. | Jina lango ni ____.
White person | Muzungu
(That was from memory!)


While riding down the roads of Kenya, you will hear a lot of people, especially kids, yelling “Muzungu! Muzungu!” or “How are you?!” to practice their english. As well as that the kids will wave a lot or yell excitedly if you wave at them. This was a cool experience as well! (picture from the road listed above)

Here are a few pictures of some things we got to see while driving on the dirt roads to the orphanage.



Hope you enjoyed reading, we can’t wait to share more! We will be getting internet of our own (Tim and Jenni have kindly let us use theirs so far) within the week, so we will hopefully be able to communicate more.

God bless you all!
Ben & Rachel

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