Hi everyone!

I hope that this day has been a good day for you as you start the new week!

I wanted to give a little update on our weekend and also on how my Grandpa is doing. Thank you, to all of you who you were praying for him, it was a huge blessing to know that he was in your thoughts and prayers! Thank you so much!

Yesterday we were supposed to celebrate his 89th birthday at the nursing home he stays at, but he was rushed to the hospital a few hours before the celebration because they thought he may have had a stroke. The latest I have heard is that he will be having a echocardiogram test, hopefully this will help with the determination of if he had a stroke or not and what is going on there. They will be keeping him in the hospital a few days to figure out what the problem is.

Even though we could not celebrate his birthday as we had wished, most of us were still able to get together and have some family time. It was a blessing to be together despite the circumstances and have a good time regardless. Praise God for that!


Ben and I spent the weekend at my parents to spend some extra time with them before we go. I got to enjoy a walk with my mother on a nice sunny day.



Thank you for reading, and also again for the prayers for my Grandpa!

Ben and I will be leaving for Kenya in a week from today! We cannot wait!! 7 more days!!!

Have a blessed day and rest of the week!





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