3 Weeks To Go!

Hello friends! The time is certainly flying by a lot quicker than we thought it would! We are less than 3 weeks away from our departure! Even though time is flying by, we are feeling more and more prepared each day as we complete the necessary tasks needed before we leave. Here is a quick update to what we have been doing in the last week.

We applied for our visas in order to enter the country of Kenya. This process has its horror stories about the length of time it takes but God blessed us tremendously as we received our visas a week after we sent away for them!

This week also marked the completion of the many months of hard work put into our training. As we submitted our final reports, we were blessed with the opportunity to look back and reflect on our growth as individuals and as mission’s workers. We have completed 1 course study, the reading of 8 separate books, as well as countless video series which had aided our growth and opened our eyes to the many challenges that are ahead.

Finally, in another report of praise, the missionary couple that we will be learning from during our 3 months in Africa were blessed on the 6th of April with their second child, a baby boy. He is healthy and strong and we both can’t want to meet him in a few weeks! Should be an interesting dynamic with both a newborn and a 2 year old in the same house!

A few things you could be praying for!

-Both of us, for continued spiritual and physical strengthening as we prepare for our Journey.

-Ben as he finishes up his first year at Liberty University Online. His semester finishes during the week of travel so he has to try and finish everything beforehand!

We can’t wait to start this adventure that God has in store for us!

In Christ,

Benjamin & Rachel


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