Daily Battles

Hey ya’ll!

So I’m going to be posting about a forum we recently had to do for our class. The video is long but REALLY good and I’d encourage you to watch it! Here is some of what I got out of it:


I really enjoyed watching this video and hearing Dr. Spoul’s wisdom on this subject. In the Christian life, we want to become like Christ. Character is very important in life and because it is so important we must make sure our character is that which reflects Christ’s. Something that really stood out to me was the analogy about a chicken getting its head cut off. When it is cut off, the chicken doesn’t just die immediately, its body usually runs around crazy and tries to resist itself being dead even though its head is gone. This is like the Christian walk. When we become Christians, our old self doesn’t just die instantly, it continues to die every day. Constantly in our lives our flesh resists and fight against us. Growth in the Christin life is a war, a daily struggle because of the three fallen things fighting against us. The world, which is nature that has fallen, the flesh, which is mankind that has fallen, and the devil, which are the spirits and obviously the devil who controls them.

What we have to stand against all these things is Christ. That is why it is SO important in our life and for our Christian growth to be diligent and to work towards being more like Christ. Christ can’t do it all for us. When we give our lives to him it doesn’t mean he just does all the work. Christian growth is an every-day battle, and if we are working and striving to be like Christ, we can win those battles with Him by our side.


Thanks for reading! Here’s a link to the video! Totally worth watching even though it is a bit long.



Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful, God-blessed day! 🙂

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