Short Term International Missions… More harm than good?

I found this blog while reading articles and looking up information online. Contrary to the popular belief by many Christians, could we be possibly be doing more harm than good to our brothers and sisters in Christ by going and serving? It is really up to you to decide personally but before you raise those funds to go on another short term trip I challenge you to take a second and think about the big picture and weigh the good and bad for you and those you are going to serve. Maybe instead of going around the world we can go around the block? Let us know if this gives you a different perspective or if you agree with this article or not!

One thought on “Short Term International Missions… More harm than good?

  1. I decided against going on a short term trip one time because the more I learned, the more I questioned the spending of the funds. Not just my own, but the total cost of the trip for the group. What would be accomplished and was it a good use of what we’d be given to share? If you took all of the money for the trip and just used it for the intended people, how much more could be accomplished? I’m glad to see others starting to question also.


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