Tummy Trouble #2

So, I had my fun appointment with the doctor for my tummy. Turns out it’s nothing that serious, just a case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The stomach will be triggered by something in the brain, mostly stress and cause it to be upset. She said that even if I don’t “feel” stressed, that doesn’t mean my body won’t. She thinks it could be from moving to a new place that could be the cause of the stress. All the effects it causes are what I’ve been having, so I definitely think that’s what it is!

Glad it wasn’t anything serious. I still have stomach problems here and there, but nothing too severe like I have had. Also trying to eat healthier because the doctor said it would help! Praise God the appointment went well, the doctor was great, and it didn’t take too long!

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day!


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