Tummy Trouble

Hi guys!

Not many of you know, but ever since we got back from our trip to El Salvador, I’ve been having lots of stomach problems. All of us got a stomach flu virus of some sort when we were down there and we had it for about two or three days. Before it was mostly my stomach being way more sensitive than usually was, but the beginning of last month or so it’s been really bothering me…giving me constipation at sometimes, or just making my stomach feel like it’s bloated or gaseous. Like one morning last week I ate an apple for breakfast and after a few minutes it hurt so bad that I just felt like I couldn’t eat anything. I had the pain for about two days and it went away. I’ve been okay since then but we’re hoping that it’s not a parasite or something I picked up in El Salvador.

Next week I am finally going to the doctor to get it checked out. Prayers would be much appreciated. That it won’t be anything serious and God would bring quick healing.

Thank you so much for reading this! God bless and have a wonderful day!




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