Colder Weather

We’ve only been in Texas a little over a month. In that month however, we have become quite adjusted and used to much warmer weather than Cleveland. Today the Austin area has been hit with the first cold front of the season. With that the temperature dropped to a freezing (gasp) 60 degrees!!

So immediately we found some of the jackets we had sworn we’d never need or use and put them on. Then we shuffled out the door, froze as we walked to the car, and proceeded to turn on the heat as we got in to drive to pick up the boys from day care. Then the final straw was walking back into are apartment near froze after getting some yummy frozen yogurt and proceeding to turn on the heat.

I wish we could say were know longer susceptible to cold weather. Well, lukewarm weather…but we are. It was nice to feel cold for sometime after feeling so warm. However, coming back to Cleveland for the holidays is going to serve as quite a shock to our poor, constant need of warmth, little bodies.

So to keep out the cold we curled up in the living room watching some Lost in Space. A wonderful old TV show that starts out in black and white and eventually transfers into color after the first season. An oldie but a goodie and a wonderful way to spend a cold Texas evening!!


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