30 Day Challenge

On one of the recent sleepy nights here in Austin, Texas I decided to revamp my plan for intentionally spending time with God on a daily basis. This then led Rachel to change a few things which ultimately led to a changed heart in our spiritual time spent together. So now we have agreed to keep each other accountable to stick to this plan for 30 days and watch it slowly become habit. One thing I have gathered is that while it is important for any couple to spend time together growing together, it is also important to grow apart. I’ve also learned that you can have your own individual time in the word but still bring what you are learning each and every day into an intentional discussion. So without drawing it out any longer I’ll just give you a brief overview of my plan. Rachel’s looks slightly different as it is adjusted to her style.

  1. Daily Bible Reading, Meditation, Prayer- Rachel and I are working on reading the Bible in a year. We started it together on September 7th (our wedding day) and will end on our one year anniversary. While we are doing this plan together on a daily basis part of the reading takes place together and the other part is done separately followed by later discussion. My prayer life has been spurred on by reading the word. So many aspects of life can be brought about in a prayerful manner as you study God’s word on a deeper level. Right now the goal is to spend about 1 hour a day total in this area. However, I haven’t made knowing exact time an important factor to me. By the time reading, discussion, and adequate prayer have been completed throughout a day one hour probably is quite small.
  2. Worship With Music- For me this is one way I connect with God. However this area of worship may be different for anyone. I would just say this target area would be to find something that you enjoy and do it for God. Right now I just enjoy either playing or listening to worship music and letting God just guide my thoughts and prayers as I do. I’ve given it the time of at least 15 minutes but again, truly worshiping God is worshiping him with all of your time so to worship him should be a goal for all day! However, we will just label this as intentional and purposeful worship.
  3. The Purpose Driven Life- I recently started this daily devotional not to long ago and it has just been a refreshing read every day. Highly recommended if you haven’t read it yet.
  4. A Final Book- I’ve decided to pick another book to just read one chapter a day in that somehow connects to a topic in the Bible or Christianity itself. Right now I’ve started Christian Meditation by Ken Acha. So far so good but I’ll let you know how it ends.

So that’s a quick breakdown of the plan I’ve applied to my life recently and would recommend you find something that works for you. Who knows, maybe this will spark a change in you and you to would be willing to take a 30 day challenge to reshape your relationship with our Creator.


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