A Little Drive Through Texas

Today we were supposed to pick up Rachel a keyboard… Now tomorrow we are picking up the keyboard.

Today we drove 50 minutes north of Round Rock… Tomorrow we will drive 50 minutes south of Round Rock.

Today we drove home sad with no keyboard… Tomorrow we will drive home happy with a keyboard.

A wonderful set of opposites I have displayed. I’ve never been good with anything that has to do with direction. Left and right, finding the car, addresses, directions… it really doesn’t matter.

So today I ended up putting in the wrong address to go and pick up a keyboard for Rachel to practice on here in the apartment. We ended up driving for about an hour and THEN found out my blunder. So sadly we went home and now we pick it up tomorrow. However we did see some pretty wide open Texas ground. Trees too!! Lots and lots of trees that you could even call woods! Of course they were still green and hadn’t change like I’m sure the ones back home in Cleveland have but still… Trees! Oh, and did I mention a lake? Almost as exciting as trees! We don’t see much water down here so this was quite a moment for us as we were driving along.

As wonderful as it was we hope that tomorrow we get to the right place and have a keyboard to show for our drive. I think this time Rachel will type in the address and that way we can’t go wrong!

securedownloadsecuredownload (1)securedownload (2)



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