Don’t you just love when you feel tired, you settle in bed…aannnnd you can’t sleep…at all..and then when you finally do fall asleep you get woken up again. Nope, definitely not a fun night.

We watched what seemed like a days worth of “The Three Stooges” (not exactly my choice to watch when I’m slightly grumpy and want to sleep…but oh well),then finally decided to take sleeping pills because nothing else was working. Fell asleep around 4am and got to wake up at 9am for church which was pretty rough, but we did it and got to church on time. Luckily we caught up on some of our sleep with a 2 hour nap. So that was pretty much our day yesterday, quite interesting.

Few things you could be praying about..

1. SLEEP (We’ve been having a bit of trouble with it this week)

2. Keep getting connected and making friends from our new church.

Thanks guys 🙂


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