Little Children

If you have ever watched a couple of little kids or had kids of your own, you’ve no doubt had those point in times where they would just not listen to you no matter what you tried to tell them or get them to do.Well, for me it just seemed to be like one of those weeks with Joshua and Caleb. Everything you told them or asked them to do in the process of eating dinner and getting a bath, they seemed to do the exact opposite! It was extremely frustrating. As I have gotten the chance to sit and reflect on my life and begin to ponder this young child mystery, I’ve begun to think that maybe I’m more like Joshua and Caleb in this way then I’d like to think. How many times have I taken this attitude with God as I walk in relation to him? Where God tells me to do something or reveals something to me or just wants me to simply give him time and all I do is run away in the exact opposite direction because I’m too afraid of what the end result will be if I listen to him. It’s like as humans we have become scared to give God the little things in life such as our time let alone the big things such as radical life change if he so asks of it. What about that silent nudge by the Holy Spirit when you know he is tugging at your heart to do something and you simply pass that moment up because it is too inconvenient or to much out of your comfort zone?

As much as I learned from the above much deeper lesson I believe the biggest refresher to me is this. Even when the little boys weren’t doing what they were supposed to do I still loved them. And they would always have those moments no matter how unruly they were that day that would just make your heart melt. The little things such as their hugs, smiles, laughs, random sayings that didn’t make sense, and singing songs while taking a bath just made me overflow with love for them. Yes, they tried my patience but I couldn’t help but constantly love them. Then I got to thinking about how true this must be about our Father in heaven when he looks down and sees us. I guess it just reminded me here about how much God loves me and how God IS love… and once again I’ve been floored.

So that’s it for my Friday ramblings… I’ll just close with a few things that you could be praying for.

  • Being able to connect this weekend with people at North West Fellowship
  • Continually spiritual growth as we constantly look to Christ in every situation
  • Growing together and continually learning everything we can about each other



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