Gotta love them Jesus freaks :)

This past week has been a mix of quite a few things, such as: Ben tracking dog poop into the house, my stomach acting up a lot, skyping with my best friend Evie, and the highlight….Visiting another church!

It’s been a rough week, both of us haven’t felt the greatest, and it’s just been so hard to meet new people. The church we were previously at (really great church, great speaker (made me cry), very BIG) was great, but we weren’t getting connected there at all. So, how we heard about this other church, Northwest Fellowship? Well, Ben interviewed this guy the other day who is interested in being a part of Shaping Destiny, his name is Brian, really cool guy, super smiley, super friendly. After talking with him, Brian invited Ben and I to join him and come to church with him on Sunday. And on Sunday night, come to a college/ twenties group that meets. So we went met him there yesterday! Wow, the church is sooo awesome. Much smaller of a church, and everyone there is so friendly and welcoming and it’s like a big family! God is so good! We are so excited to go back next week! Sadly last night before the college group, Ben and I felt sick, so we didn’t end up being able to go. We were so bummed. But cannot wait to get connected with people next week!

Today I’ve been feeling pretty yucky because my stomach has been acting up again….Pepto Bismol has been my best friend..Picture0930131526_1

But I’m still going to babysit Josh and Caleb tonight! Which shall be an adventure!

Some prayer requests:

1. That we’d really get connected in this church

2. Our health

3 That we would continually have joy in every circumstance

Love in Christ,


5 thoughts on “Gotta love them Jesus freaks :)

  1. Rachel,
    I am so glad you have a blog! You and Ben have been on my heart and it is wonderful to know what to pray for. Just wanted you to know I am praying for you! =)
    Hannah roberts


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