Parent’s Night Off


Hi guys!

We just wanted to share an event that we got to hold this past April.

On a Saturday evening we had the opportunity to hold a kids event called “Parent’s Night Off”. ¬†We got to plan a evening full of games and lots of fun activities! Here’s a little glimpse of our night!


The next Parent’s Night Off will be held on June 10th, 4pm-7pm.

Prayers would be appreciated!

I know it’s only a glimpse of some of our ministry work, but we really appreciate you taking the time to view it!


In Christ,

Ben & Rachel


We both had an awesome weekend and wanted to share this with you! We had the chance to attend a leadership conference with some of our youth from Abundant Life Community Church at Cedarville University. It was a two day, one night trip that was designed to equip high school students with the skills needed to lead. It was a wonderful refresher course for us too though!







The picture on the left is of the chapel where the main sessions were held. The kids were all broken up into small groups to discuss each speaker. Each speaker only spoke for about 15 minutes and it really worked to keep their attention throughout!

The picture on the right is of the second day. The kids had the opportunity to learn and hear from multiple different speakers from different backgrounds. This smaller setting allowed for more questions and discussion.

We are hoping that this weekend will help to set a base for us and the youth within the youth group at Abundant Life Community Church. Please continue to pray for the youth as the learn and grow as leaders!

We love you all!

Benjamin and Rachel